2001 Lexus RX300

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Markings are very difficult to read on a lens, please view this information as a guide only.

2001 Lexus RX300*
lexus_rx300_2001_3.jpg (138264 bytes)

Taillamp Rear View

Outer taillamp markings:  SAE I(2)S(2)T 99 DOT

Inner taillamp markings:  SAE R(2)S(2)T 99 DOT

Bumper lens (rear) markings:  SAE A 96 DOT


lexus_rx300_2001_2.jpg (136133 bytes)

Taillamp Side View

Bumper lens (side) markings:  SAE AP2


lexus_rx300_2001_1.jpg (103028 bytes)

Overall Rear View



Headlamp Angled View

Headlamp markings:   HB3 D2R SAE HGHRFPI 99 DOT

Bumper lens (side) markings:  SAE AP2


*  All photos taken with a flash to show existence of (red or amber) reflex reflector.

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