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Docket Summary Information


Part 564 - Replaceable Light Source Information 

Document number

Manufacturer filing date Docket filing date  Bulb Type Appendix


NHTSA-1998-3397-1 12/19/97 1/28/98 HB3, HB4 A Osram Sylvania modifications
NHTSA-1998-3397-2 3/27/98 5/15/98 HIR1   GE modifications
NHTSA-1998-3397-3 3/27/98 5/15/98 HIR2   GE modifications
NHTSA-1998-3397-4 9/19/91 2/24/93 H7 A G.T.B. initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-5 9/19/91 5/6/93 H7   G.T.B. modification/clarification
NHTSA-1998-3397-6 3/24/93 3/31/93 9011(HIR1)   Ford withdrawal of petition to amend FMVSS No. 108
NHTSA-1998-3397-7 11/23/92 4/12/93 9011(HIR1)   Ford initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-8 5/13/93 6/28/93 H3 A Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-9 5/13/93 6/28/93 H1 A Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-10 3/7/96 3/7/96 HB1 A initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-11 3/7/96 3/7/96 HB2 A initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-12 3/7/96 3/7/96 HB3 A initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-13 3/7/96 3/7/96 HB4 A initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-14 3/6/96 3/7/96 HB5 A initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-15 6/11/96 7/29/96 D2R B Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-16 6/11/96 7/29/96 D2S B Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-17 2/8/96 9/19/96 D2R, D2S B Bosch adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-18 7/30/96 9/19/96 9500 B Osram Sylvania initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-19 9/17/96 10/31/96 HB3 A Osram Sylvania modifies dimensions
NHTSA-1998-3397-20 9/17/96 10/31/96 HB4 A Osram Sylvania modifies dimensions
NHTSA-1998-3397-21 9/17/96 11/13/96 HB3 A Osram Sylvania adds alternative HB3A with straight base
NHTSA-1998-3397-22 9/17/96 11/13/96 HB4 A Osram Sylvania adds alternative HB4A with straight base
NHTSA-1998-3397-23 10/11/96 12/6/96 D2R, D2S B Hella adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-24 1/29/97 2/27/97 D2R, D2S B Koito adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-25 1/23/97 2/27/97 HIR2 A GE initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-26 2/7/97 3/14/97 D2R, D2S B Stanley adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-27 2/25/97 4/17/97 D2R, D2S B Matsushita adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-28 11/12/98 1/12/99 D2R, D2S B Koito adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-29 3/24/99 5/12/99 D2R, D2S B Koito adds alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-30 5/18/99 6/29/99 HIR1 A GE adds coating
NHTSA-1998-3397-31 5/18/99 6/29/99 HIR2 A GE adds coating
NHTSA-1998-3397-32 6/1/99 7/16/99 H8 A Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-33 6/1/99 7/16/99 H9 A Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-34 6/1/99 7/16/99 H11 A Philips initial filing
NHTSA-1998-3397-35 6/21/99 7/16/99 D2R, D2S B Stanley add alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-36 10/20/99 11/1/99 D2R, D2S B Matsushita add alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-37 1/7/00 2/2/00 D2R, D2S B Stanley add alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-38 2/17/00 5/11/00 D2R, D2S B Stanley add alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-39 4/10/00 6/7/00 D2R B Philips submission of alternative light source D1R
NHTSA-1998-3397-40 4/10/00 6/7/00 D2S B Philips certification of alternative light source D1S
NHTSA-1998-3397-41 5/30/00 9/800 D2R, D2S B Osram Sylvania Inc. add alternative ballasts
NHTSA-1998-3397-42 8/19/00 9/26/00 H1, H3   Philips correction of max. wattage to 65W
NHTSA-1998-3397-43 12/1/99 11/24/00 H7   GTB states no coatings 
NHTSA-1998-3397-44 1/31/00 11/28/00 HB1   Ford states no coatings 
NHTSA-1998-3397-45 11/22/99 12/1/00 H1, H3   Philips states no coatings 
NHTSA-1998-3397-46 11/17/99 12/28/00 D1R, D1S B Osram Sylvania Inc. - add alternative ballasts.

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