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FMVSS No. 108
Paragraph S7.5(b) specifies that any replaceable bulb headlamp system shall be designed to conform to the appropriate photometric requirements of the standard using any light source of the Type intended for use in such system.  Paragraph S7.7 specifies that each replaceable light source shall be designed to conform to the design specifications furnished with respect to it pursuant to part 564.  The table below is a tabulated summation of the entries for replaceable light sources filed in Docket No. NHTSA 98-3397, pursuant to Part 564, for use in motor vehicles (except motorcycles), plus some of their major design characteristics.
Please Note:
1. No other bulb type is allowed for use in an original equipment application if it is not filed in Docket No. NHTSA 98-3397.
2.  Each light source has a maximum allowable wattage.
3.  Each light source specifies the allowable coatings.
Which indicate...
That all of the high power bulbs,  "blue bulbs," and HID conversions on the market may not be in compliance with the standard.



Part 564

Replaceable Light Source Types


Allowable Bulb Types Trade Name Max. Watts Luminous Flux (lm)

Coating, filtering, tinting

Primary Alternative
9500 9500 36.5 2800 400 none HID
D2R D1R D2R 38 D2R 2800 450 Black stripes. HID
D1R D1R 2800 450 Black stripes.
D2S D1S D2S 38 D2S 3200 450 none HID
D1S D1S 3200 450 none
H1 H1 65 1410 210 none Single axial filament
H3 H3 65 1310 195 none Single transverse filament
H7 H7 55.6 1350 12% Black cap Single axial filament
H8 H8 41 730 110 Black cap Single axial filament
H9 H9 70 2000 240 none Single axial filament
H11 H11 59 1250 150 Black cap Single axial filament
HB1 9004 Low Beam 50 700 15% Black cap Dual transverse filaments
High Beam 70 1200 15%
HB2 9003 Low Beam 65 910 10% Black cap Dual axial filaments
High Beam 72 1500 10%
HB3 HB3A 9005 70 1700 12% none Single axial filament 
HB3A has straight base
HB4 HB4A 9006 60 1000 15% Black cap Single axial filament
HB4A has straight base
HB5 9007 Low Beam 60 1000 15% Black cap Dual axial filament
High Beam 70 1350 15%
HIR1 9011 70 2300 15% Durable infrared coating Single axial filament
HIR2 9012 60 1700 15% Durable infrared coating Single axial filament

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