Headlamp Marking Requirements

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FMVSS No. 108 specifies the marking requirements for original equipment and replacement headlamps.  Shown is a listing of the minimum markings you should see during a field inspeciton of a current generation headlamp.

There are additional marking requirements within the standard for different types of headlamp systems.  They are specified in Paragraphs S7.3 through S7.6.

Minimum headlamp marking requirements

- The lens shall be marked with the symbol DOT S7.2(a)
- The lens shall be marked with the name and/or registered trademark of the manufacturer or its importer. S7.2(b)
- Each headlamp and beam contributor shall be marked with its voltage and its part number. S7.2(c)
- For a replaceable bulb headlamp, the lens shall bear permanent marking in front of each replaceable light source with which it is equipped that indicates the bulb marking/designation in accordance with part 564 .  Exception:  No marking is required if the only replaceable light source in the headlamp is Type HB1. S7.5(g)
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